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Hi everyone! Um, uh...

Bah, I'm so useless. Over 2 years of having an account and I still haven't done even a single post! Sorry for all those who befriended me over the months and years and haven't heard even a peep from me...

If you want to know why, it's because I usually use Deviantart for my social needs. I like to draw as a hobby, and because of this I have an account there where I usually go to. As a result, I've neglected this account instead. I've even forgotten why I made an account here in the first place! I'm so sorry, everyone.

But now with college in my life, I've been using my Deviantart account even less. So, I'm now considering using this as a replacement account to talk about my life, times, and what I like/dislike about my fandoms.

Oh yeah, introductions. My name is Ali Imran, I'm 17 years 7 months old live in Shah Alam, Malaysia. By day I enroll myself in Taylors College, and by night I sleep in my neighborhood of Shah Alam. I also like to draw as a hobby.

As for my fandoms... lets just say they are very varied. For now, I'm hooked on both Touhou and Kuroshitsuji, but you might be surprised at what fandoms I'm secretly following! I also love to hear music! My personal collection includes The Phantom Of The Opera, Hetaoni, and Touhou music, with some mainstream artists on the side.

So... other than that, I hope I can be of service and can also be an active member of the LJ community. Lastly, I'm very, very, very sorry for neglecting this account. I'm so sorry...

EDIT: Alright! I think I've just figured out what to do with this account! From now on, all my journal entries shall be made here while all my art goes to deviantart!  Also, I think this journal shall be a mix of everything: fandoms, songs, gifs. if I can, with a bit of personal stuff. I hope I can make this work!


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