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Another Hari Raya Eid-ul-Fitr come and gone! In all accounts, it wasn’t too bad being cut off from Wifi for almost a week save for a USB drive that I have to plug in when I have the free time (which, to be honest, I had a lot). The villages where our relatives lived looked almost unchanged when we made our customary visits; the houses look the same, the shoplots are the same, the tiny main streets look like as they were before, and so were the winding roads…

…until we got to one of our relatives’ house by the edge of a palm oil plantation.

The palm oil plantation was gone.

I never realized how dark the whole place was until they cut down the old palm oil trees.

Also, we visited another relative who has a job training monkeys to harvest coconuts and keeps them right outside his home. I’ve known about him and his profession since I was a kid but this time I think I should at least get a picture of it so that I could remember what he did when I’m still young.

Also, I managed to find this little gem floating around the whirlpool that is YouTube:

For a comparison, here’s the original theme music:
Um… wow.

Besides that, I managed to make a few more doodles!

And here’s them side by side for comparison

Why yes, I have been listening to Welcome to Night Vale for a while now. Any more questions?

Besides these doodles, when I decided to flip through my Uni notes I found a piece that I have forgotten for quite some time now; almost half a year by my guess.

This was supposed to end up in the large doodle portrait that now hangs by my bedroom door (and quite magnificently, might I add) but the more I looked at it, the more I wasn’t satisfied with the result. I guess that was why I’ve completely forgotten about this piece after I finished making a revised version of it for the bedroom portrait.

And it looks like I have been shipping Italy and Mituna for a bit longer than I thought. Italy and Mituna. What the heck is happening to the world?
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Lets just hope our bosses teachers overlords are just as happy as they can be tomorrow. XD

And obligatory epic music: 


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