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I'm still here people. My mind isn't. College has finally gone full throttle and I am swamped with assignments and essays every week now.

I haven't been on Fandomsecrets for a while now and I think I'm forgetting just what has happened to that place over the months.

I just want to sleeeeeep....
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Well, it looks like fasting for an entire day for the next 29 days DOES make you feel tired and lazy.

My apologies.

Well, fasting month has officially arrived in Malaysia and the streets are once again full of vendors and hawkers selling everything under the evening sun. If I could, I want to photograph them so that I could make another F!S post about it all. Lets just hope my tiredness doesn't take over me entirely then.

In other news, that earlier painting I got from the art fair, I changed it into... something else.
I'll post some pictures up later but I can say that it look a LOT different from the original. My mohher thought it was the most creepiest thing in the history of ever but I couldn't be angry of it because... she's my mother. Also, she tried to calm me down after I missed my English exam.

I got another DIY-paint-it-kit and this time, it's even more daunting as the spaces to paint are really tiny and that my eyesight isn't that good. But I'm trying, though!

Oh, I've also started writing fanfiction. Just so you know.
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When I first began making an account here at Dreamwidth, I never expected that it would result in an F!S'er visiting my country and my sister and I showing her the views!

Over the past few months, she had conversed with me about visiting Malaysia and meeting me someplace in Kuala Lumpur with her friend. As I did not know the roads, I decided to take my more-experienced sister with me to help with the highways as well as my nerves.

What happened next, well... see for yourself

We had the most amazing time over the course of the week! We took a trip to the historical city of Malacca, we visited the parks and waterfalls around the state, we fed some monkeys staright from our bare hands and watched the fireflies along the riverbank, it was awesome. :)

A few photos from the places we visited:

At the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Gardens.

At a historical park in the city of Malacca (the cross has something to do with Saint Francis Xavier, but I've forgotten about it).

Beautiful historical townhouse.

The Malacca river at dusk (we later took a river cruise. Highly recommended).

We also took a visit to the most sacred places of Hinduism outside of India.

View from the top of the stairs (Was a breeze for us walkers, but if you don't like walking you might get some sore legs. It's like walking up the Great Wall of China, only smaller!).

Gigantic skylight at the end of the cave temple. Seriously, no amount of footage can convey how massive it was.

There were a lot more places that we visited, but posting all the photos here would probably strain the webpage, so I'm going to leave it like it is. My sister and I had the best time with our newfound friends and we hope to see them again sometime soon. :)
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May the ones who keep this world running get a windfall in their lives. :)
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Sometimes I wish that someone out there would build some "imaginafier" that would record our imaginations and show them on TV. I would love to see some of my crossovers in the pixel screen...
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Well, it's official. I'm dreading my return to Uni.

I'm going to miss this week's Chinese New Year holidays. It's been quite a while for me t sleep at 2 in the morning and wake up at 10 the next day. Now I wonder if I still have enough time to finish my essay assignments. But it feels so good to just lie in bed anf surf the web mindlessly, reading webcomics and other boring trivia (Go North Aral Sea!)

Oh, and here's some half-completed sketches from the past two weeks at Uni. I can't say these are my best ones I have made, but it's still pretty interesting. Open in new tab to see them in full scale.

Oh, and obligatory Touhou music.

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Well, due to my old e-mail account being inaccessible (long story that involves some bad decisions on my part), I'm now using a new e-mail address.

On the other hand, more pictures!

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Have you ever experienced a day where you feel like almost doing nothing at school/college and yet when you're at home you feel pumped up? 

Because I'm seriously having that feeling right now! :D


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Malay. That's all you need to know.

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