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Another Hari Raya Eid-ul-Fitr come and gone! In all accounts, it wasn’t too bad being cut off from Wifi for almost a week save for a USB drive that I have to plug in when I have the free time (which, to be honest, I had a lot). The villages where our relatives lived looked almost unchanged when we made our customary visits; the houses look the same, the shoplots are the same, the tiny main streets look like as they were before, and so were the winding roads…

…until we got to one of our relatives’ house by the edge of a palm oil plantation.

The palm oil plantation was gone.

I never realized how dark the whole place was until they cut down the old palm oil trees.

Also, we visited another relative who has a job training monkeys to harvest coconuts and keeps them right outside his home. I’ve known about him and his profession since I was a kid but this time I think I should at least get a picture of it so that I could remember what he did when I’m still young.

Also, I managed to find this little gem floating around the whirlpool that is YouTube:

For a comparison, here’s the original theme music:
Um… wow.

Besides that, I managed to make a few more doodles!

And here’s them side by side for comparison

Why yes, I have been listening to Welcome to Night Vale for a while now. Any more questions?

Besides these doodles, when I decided to flip through my Uni notes I found a piece that I have forgotten for quite some time now; almost half a year by my guess.

This was supposed to end up in the large doodle portrait that now hangs by my bedroom door (and quite magnificently, might I add) but the more I looked at it, the more I wasn’t satisfied with the result. I guess that was why I’ve completely forgotten about this piece after I finished making a revised version of it for the bedroom portrait.

And it looks like I have been shipping Italy and Mituna for a bit longer than I thought. Italy and Mituna. What the heck is happening to the world?
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A few years ago, I bought a large picture frame (like, 50 cm square large) because I liked the stock photo of a flower inside it.

I decided to finally do something about it after seeing it hang emptily on my bedroom wall for the past two years.

I made a doodle. Then another doodle. Then another. And another...

Along the way, I decided to give my Italy/Mituna church sketch another shot.

Here are the results.

Along the way, I managed to juggle my life through Uni and real life, and when I searched through Youtube in my spare time there was a trailer for a Superman ad that lasted about 16 seconds. Just 16 seconds.

It changed everything.

The trailer music was the exact same music that I heard when I watched a documentary about the Exxon Valdez disaster on the History channel. When I first watched that documentary, I became enthralled with the music and tried to find it's maker to no avail. I immediately scrambled to find the music through Superman commercial on Youtube. And I found it.

As I listened, my mind wandered to a commercial that resonated through my childhood. I was a commercial about a company that connects people throughout the globe but the filming lasted for over 5 minutes and it had such beautiful music that I always waited for it to appear again on TV. I wanted to hear it again.

I think I just found out who made that commercial music and the music from the Superman trailer.

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Well, it's bound to come up sooner or later. XD

As a person who's in fandoms, I naturally have pairings. However, my choice of people to which I put together wish usually do not go with the thoughts and discussions of the "mains crowd", so to speak. Oh well, at least that's what drawings are for! Or rather, a real-life painting of my crack pairing while I procrastinate on Uni work; but this time, IN REAL PAINT.

Remember the times in F!S when some anon or other made a crack pairing thread and asked us to list out all the pairings?

I took mine a bit too seriously. Reimu Haurei and Karkat Vantas. Yep, I ship it.

There's a better picture of this... but have go through my story first!

You see, earlier this week there was a stall in Uni selling a bunch of DIY painting kits. complete with complimentary paint and brushes. I've tried DIY painting before a few weeks back, to which before that I never knew that such a thing could even exist! After I bought my first kit and painted the... painting, I got an idea that maybe, instead of painting according to the lines and spaces on the canvas, I could:

1) Make a rudimentary sketch of my favorite paing on the canvas and...

2) Paint THAT.

So after a few hours of deliberation (and Uni classes in which I made a redimentar sketch of my pairing) I bought myself a small Doreamon DIY kit and quickly headed for home. Once there, all it took was just copying the sketch on to the canvas and paint over the Doraemon lines. Add in a few hours of lying on the floor and VOILA!

What the painting was supposed to look like:

What I actually painted:

All in all, as the first time (well second) I've ever done something like this, I think it looks pretty good.

Oh the other hand, remember my Italy/Mituna pic that I showed you'all the sketch of a month back?

I gave up.

It's just that trying to design a cathedral was SUPER HARD and I already have limited free time as it is, so... I'm stopping it. Sorry.

I still ship them though, and whenever I think of them, I usually think of this little drabble I made in an F!S thread not too long ago. I could just... imagine... Mituna sitting on a chair or pew, silent as a mouse, watching Italy playing on the piano. And this song, oh my God, this song...

And yes, it's Touhou.
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On This Thursday, there shall be a Media Appreciation test and an Introduction to Mass Comm test and I REALLY WISH I DON'T HAVE TO WAKE UP AT 5:49 AM IN THE FRAKKING MORNING JUST BECAUSE THE TEST STARTS AT EIGHT AND THAT THE ROADS ARE JAMMED BY SEVEN.

Uh... thank goodness the day before is an off-day.

Besides that, I've finally made a few acquaintances in my course Tutorial Group! Sadly though, not one of them ever knew of either Touhou, Homestuck, Hetalia, or a combination of all three. They are anime/manga/movie/TV series fans though so it was kinda nice to have a few people to talk to about things in general. Still though... *forever alone*

Aminul, I miss you...

On another note though, I did manage to get a few doodles done! The first one was just a pile of shitscribbles I drew up and thought it looked pretty.

GAH! Just what the heck is that FACE!?

This one was made actually about a week ago. Remember those times when I blabbed about my crossovers all over F!S? Well...


It's just that... GAH! It's Italy and Mituna and it's all soo wrong but it feels soo... BAH!!

But yeah, I'm already making this into a digital artwork the likes of which I hope would be similar to my Koishi Komeiji and Tavros Nitram pic (another pairing no one has ever heard... ;_; ), but then there's now exams and coming movies and now my Photoshop's acting up weird (why are the pen lines THICKER in some places and NON-EXISTANT in others!?) and all I want right now is just... peace.

I need some music.


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