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Well, it looks like fasting for an entire day for the next 29 days DOES make you feel tired and lazy.

My apologies.

Well, fasting month has officially arrived in Malaysia and the streets are once again full of vendors and hawkers selling everything under the evening sun. If I could, I want to photograph them so that I could make another F!S post about it all. Lets just hope my tiredness doesn't take over me entirely then.

In other news, that earlier painting I got from the art fair, I changed it into... something else.
I'll post some pictures up later but I can say that it look a LOT different from the original. My mohher thought it was the most creepiest thing in the history of ever but I couldn't be angry of it because... she's my mother. Also, she tried to calm me down after I missed my English exam.

I got another DIY-paint-it-kit and this time, it's even more daunting as the spaces to paint are really tiny and that my eyesight isn't that good. But I'm trying, though!

Oh, I've also started writing fanfiction. Just so you know.
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Well, it's official. I'm dreading my return to Uni.

I'm going to miss this week's Chinese New Year holidays. It's been quite a while for me t sleep at 2 in the morning and wake up at 10 the next day. Now I wonder if I still have enough time to finish my essay assignments. But it feels so good to just lie in bed anf surf the web mindlessly, reading webcomics and other boring trivia (Go North Aral Sea!)

Oh, and here's some half-completed sketches from the past two weeks at Uni. I can't say these are my best ones I have made, but it's still pretty interesting. Open in new tab to see them in full scale.

Oh, and obligatory Touhou music.

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No 1. Has Fandom Secrets gotten meaner since I left?

No 2. Taylors University is BIG.

No 3. I... made a doodle plant study?

Okay. over the past few days, I noticed that Fandom!Secrets has gotten... meaner, from the looks of it. Chardmonster and Noodle are the most surprising, as well as Fingals. Wonder what happened to drive the three of them so differently...

Uni was... nice, to say the least. Orientation was surprisingly fun but ditched the Orientation Party since I wasn't in in the mood. Met a student from Oman and another one from Indonesia. Also, it seems that I have a "Tagalong Kid" who's actually bigger than me and smokes (My mother hates smoking and passes it down to me, though she sometimes makes a leeway for my father and his cigers...). I really don't know how to say to him...

And finally, since I was a little bored after lunch, I drew this:

Think of it as an imaginarty plant study that went out of hand? I regret nothing.

New pics!

Jan. 12th, 2013 09:30 am
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To celebrate the new month of the new year, have some hand-drawn pics!

(open them in a new tab to see in full resolution)

And as a bonus, have some music as well!

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Well, due to my old e-mail account being inaccessible (long story that involves some bad decisions on my part), I'm now using a new e-mail address.

On the other hand, more pictures!

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I can't believe I didn't post this! I made this three weeks ago and I totally forgot about this place as where to post. Who knew Photoshop smudge tool can be that useful?
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I was soo bored today, I made myself a drawing just to make time fly by.

For more info, it's here:


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