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A few years ago, I bought a large picture frame (like, 50 cm square large) because I liked the stock photo of a flower inside it.

I decided to finally do something about it after seeing it hang emptily on my bedroom wall for the past two years.

I made a doodle. Then another doodle. Then another. And another...

Along the way, I decided to give my Italy/Mituna church sketch another shot.

Here are the results.

Along the way, I managed to juggle my life through Uni and real life, and when I searched through Youtube in my spare time there was a trailer for a Superman ad that lasted about 16 seconds. Just 16 seconds.

It changed everything.

The trailer music was the exact same music that I heard when I watched a documentary about the Exxon Valdez disaster on the History channel. When I first watched that documentary, I became enthralled with the music and tried to find it's maker to no avail. I immediately scrambled to find the music through Superman commercial on Youtube. And I found it.

As I listened, my mind wandered to a commercial that resonated through my childhood. I was a commercial about a company that connects people throughout the globe but the filming lasted for over 5 minutes and it had such beautiful music that I always waited for it to appear again on TV. I wanted to hear it again.

I think I just found out who made that commercial music and the music from the Superman trailer.

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