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Well, it's bound to come up sooner or later. XD

As a person who's in fandoms, I naturally have pairings. However, my choice of people to which I put together wish usually do not go with the thoughts and discussions of the "mains crowd", so to speak. Oh well, at least that's what drawings are for! Or rather, a real-life painting of my crack pairing while I procrastinate on Uni work; but this time, IN REAL PAINT.

Remember the times in F!S when some anon or other made a crack pairing thread and asked us to list out all the pairings?

I took mine a bit too seriously. Reimu Haurei and Karkat Vantas. Yep, I ship it.

There's a better picture of this... but have go through my story first!

You see, earlier this week there was a stall in Uni selling a bunch of DIY painting kits. complete with complimentary paint and brushes. I've tried DIY painting before a few weeks back, to which before that I never knew that such a thing could even exist! After I bought my first kit and painted the... painting, I got an idea that maybe, instead of painting according to the lines and spaces on the canvas, I could:

1) Make a rudimentary sketch of my favorite paing on the canvas and...

2) Paint THAT.

So after a few hours of deliberation (and Uni classes in which I made a redimentar sketch of my pairing) I bought myself a small Doreamon DIY kit and quickly headed for home. Once there, all it took was just copying the sketch on to the canvas and paint over the Doraemon lines. Add in a few hours of lying on the floor and VOILA!

What the painting was supposed to look like:

What I actually painted:

All in all, as the first time (well second) I've ever done something like this, I think it looks pretty good.

Oh the other hand, remember my Italy/Mituna pic that I showed you'all the sketch of a month back?

I gave up.

It's just that trying to design a cathedral was SUPER HARD and I already have limited free time as it is, so... I'm stopping it. Sorry.

I still ship them though, and whenever I think of them, I usually think of this little drabble I made in an F!S thread not too long ago. I could just... imagine... Mituna sitting on a chair or pew, silent as a mouse, watching Italy playing on the piano. And this song, oh my God, this song...

And yes, it's Touhou.


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