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On This Thursday, there shall be a Media Appreciation test and an Introduction to Mass Comm test and I REALLY WISH I DON'T HAVE TO WAKE UP AT 5:49 AM IN THE FRAKKING MORNING JUST BECAUSE THE TEST STARTS AT EIGHT AND THAT THE ROADS ARE JAMMED BY SEVEN.

Uh... thank goodness the day before is an off-day.

Besides that, I've finally made a few acquaintances in my course Tutorial Group! Sadly though, not one of them ever knew of either Touhou, Homestuck, Hetalia, or a combination of all three. They are anime/manga/movie/TV series fans though so it was kinda nice to have a few people to talk to about things in general. Still though... *forever alone*

Aminul, I miss you...

On another note though, I did manage to get a few doodles done! The first one was just a pile of shitscribbles I drew up and thought it looked pretty.

GAH! Just what the heck is that FACE!?

This one was made actually about a week ago. Remember those times when I blabbed about my crossovers all over F!S? Well...


It's just that... GAH! It's Italy and Mituna and it's all soo wrong but it feels soo... BAH!!

But yeah, I'm already making this into a digital artwork the likes of which I hope would be similar to my Koishi Komeiji and Tavros Nitram pic (another pairing no one has ever heard... ;_; ), but then there's now exams and coming movies and now my Photoshop's acting up weird (why are the pen lines THICKER in some places and NON-EXISTANT in others!?) and all I want right now is just... peace.

I need some music.


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