Jul. 19th, 2013

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Well, it looks like fasting for an entire day for the next 29 days DOES make you feel tired and lazy.

My apologies.

Well, fasting month has officially arrived in Malaysia and the streets are once again full of vendors and hawkers selling everything under the evening sun. If I could, I want to photograph them so that I could make another F!S post about it all. Lets just hope my tiredness doesn't take over me entirely then.

In other news, that earlier painting I got from the art fair, I changed it into... something else.
I'll post some pictures up later but I can say that it look a LOT different from the original. My mohher thought it was the most creepiest thing in the history of ever but I couldn't be angry of it because... she's my mother. Also, she tried to calm me down after I missed my English exam.

I got another DIY-paint-it-kit and this time, it's even more daunting as the spaces to paint are really tiny and that my eyesight isn't that good. But I'm trying, though!

Oh, I've also started writing fanfiction. Just so you know.


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